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Keep Your Suppliers in Check with StockTake Online’s Supplier management softwar

Whether you are an eCommerce business or not, knowing what your suppliers are up to is an important part of managing your finances and your inventory levels – after all, they are doing the same. Without the hassle of having to physically check the inventory in every supplier warehouse every day, you can now track them without breaking a sweat thanks to StockTake Online’s supplier management software that works well with any size business and automatically integrates with many accounting systems out there.

Manage your suppliers and their products in one place. Avoid price volatility, fraud, and supply problems by keeping a check on all things without the hassle of checking logbooks manually. Know exactly what you are getting. Save money on inventory, reduce returns, or fix issues with your suppliers. Supplier administration does not have to be a hassle, get orders from multiple suppliers without worrying about a dime now with our supplier management software!

Manage All Your Vendors at One Place

This will streamline the ordering process and manage deliveries. The option to activate standing orders for the regular items with a supplier is a feature where the ordering process will be automated without being manually entered. Summaries of deliveries are available on each supplier page, which can be more useful to analyze the purchasing trend from a particular supplier.

A Single App to Communicate with All Your Suppliers

A significant part of the process is automated ordering from suppliers. It helps track orders and identifies any issues that may have occurred during the order process, such as price volatility, or supply problems. The process is set so that it supports a good internal control mechanism in procurement.

Never Miss on The New Price Updates

With the Scheduled Price Update function, you can act in advance to keep the price changes in the products, and it can be made live on a specified date when the new prices of the products take place without being stressed at the last minute with our supplier management software. You do not have to worry about missed price changes ever again!

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Stocktake is an automated inventory management system designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to configure it according to your needs, using a simple web interface, reducing manual work, and letting the system manage your stock. Get in touch with us today!

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