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Order & Delivery Management Made Easy with StockTake Online

Stocktake Online can help you to manage your orders along with deliveries efficiently and effectively in one place, with built-in features such as an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to track all your current and past sales; an order management system that helps you create and fulfil orders quickly; and more!

Get a comprehensive view of your orders with StockTake Online’s orders and delivery management system. See the status of pending orders, track previous sales, and manage future ones. View how many are ready to be shipped and see their status report on the dashboard. With our order tracking software simplify the process of order tracking.

One App to Manage Everything from Orders to Deliveries

StockTake makes the ordering process simple and automated with its order and delivery management software. You do not have to do the tedious legwork. Orders are created and sent automatically to the suppliers for fulfilment so that you do not have to worry about inventory or shipping. Our dashboard shows you the status of all your orders and deliveries. Plus, our order tracking software gives you a comprehensive view of your orders in one place. With StockTake, you can also see how many are ready to be shipped and their live status report on the dashboard. Track previous sales and manage your future orders from your comfort zone!

Approve Orders with the Tap of a Finger

Once an order is created and approved it goes directly to the supplier to arrange the delivery. All you need to do is approve the order. The status of the order can be seen on the dashboard. If there are any issues that arise during shipment, this will also be visible on the dashboard. You will always know what is happening with all your orders as you can see their status report with our order management software.

Accepting the Deliveries Simplified

You can add additional items at the time of accepting the delivery, accept items with free-of-charge (FOC) goods if any, and update prices directly on the product page. Additional features let you attach the invoice or delivery note related to that delivery as a record for that order. Live an easy life with our order and delivery management software.

Seamless Listed Deliveries

Through “List Deliveries” you can see the information on the accepted deliveries for a specified date or period. You can see all orders shipped and filter them by status (Shipped, Partially Shipped, Pending), if there is any shipment that needs your attention. With our order and delivery management software it is also possible to delete an order after it has been delivered or cancel pending orders that are not needed anymore.

Manage Returns All in One Place

Product returns can be booked separately via ‘returns’ options to correct the stock from wrong deliveries of products or as an adjustment. You may also select 'delete' if you want to remove it completely. StockTake Online makes sure you get time to focus more on your business with our order management system.

We are here for you

Stocktake is an automated inventory management system designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to configure it according to your needs, using a simple web interface, reducing manual work, and letting the system manage your stock. Get in touch with us today!

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