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Streamline Your Restaurant’s Stock Control System with StockTake Online.

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With solutions designed specifically for restaurants, you will have direct access to your data from any location – a laptop, smartphone, or tablet – so you can make sure your business stays on top of things no matter where you are.

StockTake Online can help you streamline the inventory management process and better manage your business with a restaurant stock control system. From the moment products are purchased to when they are ready for sale, you will be able to maintain control of your items, both physical and digital, in real time. Plus, StockTake will help reduce wastage so you can focus on making a great meal instead of worrying about what is missing from the fridge!

Restaurant stock control system is a solution that helps you keep track of inventory from the moment products are purchased to the moment when they are ready for sale

Manage Stock
Track What Goes In and Out of Your Restaurant

Stocks can be maintained well in STO. Stock management software helps you monitor inventory and reduce wastage, by giving you direct access to your product information. The entire process will help to minimize paper records with real time data available on dashboard or in App.

Powerful Analytics to Help You Manage Through Busy Hours

The Product Store feature will help you to allocate the products to designated stores for easy tracking and for inventory count. Through designated ordering process and delivery management stock control, its consumption and accuracy in closing stock count will make you more effective in decision making further. Considering the operations and busy hours the process of procurement had made available in our STO App to manage all activities from your fingertips along with being involved in your daily business operations.

Product Store
Integrate Stocktake with What You Already Have

Through Stocktake option, you can take an inventory count of the items and have options to export data. Our restaurant stock control system makes integration easy. It can then be updated in Excel or uploaded directly to STO which will be simplifying the stocktake process its significance will be more when a restaurant having multiple locations to meet the reporting timeline on period end for having tools to work quicker than usual. This is where Stock Control's stock management software comes into play – by letting you manage your business more efficiently and better manage inventory.

Still Confused?

We have a restaurant stock control management guide for you that can help you manage the complexities of your restaurant and bar.

Mastering Stock Control: A Guide for Restaurants

Half the products go to waste in a restaurant if not managed properly. This reality necessitates restaurant owners to switch to inventory management solutions. It not only saves money but also reduces losses.

We are here for you

Stocktake is an automated inventory management system designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to configure it according to your needs, using a simple web interface, reducing manual work, and letting the system manage your stock. Get in touch with us today!

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